Information about "to HEROes - TOBE 1st Super Live" official goods on sale at the venue and numbered tickets

At "to HEROes ~TOBE 1st Super Live~" to be held at Tokyo Dome from March 14th (Thursday) to March 17th (Sunday), 2024, official goods will be sold at the venue on the day of the performance.

In order to alleviate crowding at the venue, we will be introducing numbered tickets (free, first-come, first-served) using the LINE app, so if you are planning to purchase goods on the day of the performance, please check the details below and apply in advance. 

Accepted start date and time
March 7, 2024 (Thursday) 12:00~ Ends as soon as the maximum number of each slot is reached

*You can apply even if you do not have a performance ticket.
*Products with limited sales quantities will be the same as TOBE OFFICIAL STORE. Please check the details page for each product.
*Even if you have a numbered ticket, some products may be sold out and you may not be able to purchase them. Please note.

Click here for details on numbered tickets

*Added on March 12, 2024
The goods and payment methods that those with numbered tickets can purchase on the day of the performance are as follows.

◆Official goods available for purchase (31 types in total)
*For goods not listed below, please purchase them at the TOBE OFFICIAL STORE.
*Please note that if you do not have a numbered ticket, you will not be able to purchase goods even if you come to the venue on the day.

・Original Penlight
・Face towel
・Original jigsaw puzzle
・Original multi-pouch
・Original keyholder
・Round fan/KEN MIYAKE
・Round fan/Sho Hirano
・Round fan/Yuta Jinguji
・Round fan/Yuta Kishi
・Round fan/Arata Sato
・Round fan/Shunsuke Motoi
・Round fan/Taiga Suzuki
・Round fan/Takuya Kageyama
・Round fan/Minato Matsui
・Round fan/Yuki Yokohara
・Round fan/Taiga Tsubaki
・Original photo set/KEN MIYAKE
・Original photo set/HIROMITSU KITAYAMA
・Original photo set/Number_i
・Original photo set/IMP.
・Original photo set/RITSUKI OHIGASHI
・Original clear card set/KEN MIYAKE
・Original clear card set/HIROMITSU KITAYAMA
・Original clear card set/Number_i
・Original clear card set/IMP.
・TOBE original shopper with string
・TOBE original shopper (Small)

* Click here for details on performance goods
Click here for details on TOBE original shopper (Small)

◆Payment methods for purchasing official goods
・credit cards
・QR code payment
(PayPay, LINE Pay, Merpay, DoCoMo's "d payment")

*Payment can only be made in one lump sum.
*Cashless payment may not be available depending on the radio wave conditions at the venue, so please prepare cash just in case.