[Important] Please check before purchasing

Thank you for using TOBE OFFICIAL STORE.
In order for everyone to have an enjoyable shopping experience, please read the following information beforehand.
Please read this before purchasing.

[About your order]

・When making a purchase, you will need to register as a member of "TOBE ID."
・Payment method cannot be changed after order is completed.
- You cannot cancel or change the order details after the order is completed.
・We do not accept returns due to customer convenience.
・Depending on the product, there may be a limit on the number of items that can be purchased.

[Regarding delivery]
・Product shipping time varies depending on the product. Please note that it may take some time from the time your order is completed until it is shipped.
-Products paid for separately cannot be shipped together.
・Please note that if you purchase multiple items, the items will be shipped based on the item with the latest shipping date.

[Regarding what to do if the product cannot be delivered due to customer circumstances]
・If delivery is not completed and the product is returned due to customer circumstances (wrong address input, etc.), the order will be treated as canceled.
・In the case of cancellation, the amount will be refunded minus the shipping fee and transfer fee (in case of refund by transfer).
・If the refund amount is less than the shipping fee and transfer fee (in the case of a transfer refund), there will be no refund.

[About orders from outside Japan]
- If you specify a destination outside of Japan, we only accept payment by credit card.
・If you are ordering from outside of Japan, you can only purchase up to 60 types of products at one time, so please keep in mind that the number of items you order does not exceed 60 types.
・If you order 61 or more products at once, they will be shipped in two or more parts, and shipping charges will be applied to each.

    If you have any other questions or concerns, please check the FAQ.