[Pre-order item] For customers who purchased "GOAT" First Press Limited Edition A, First Press Limited Edition B, and Regular Edition individually.

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Due to shipping adjustments and other reasons, we have temporarily sold out ``GOAT'' (with 3 types of bulk purchase bonus).
Now that shipping is in sight, we would like to inform the following customers.

[Target people]
Number_i《3 types of bulk purchase bonus included》Purchase ``GOAT'' first press limited edition A, first press limited edition B, and regular edition in the same cart during the target period when the first stock of ``GOAT'' was SOLD OUT. Customers who received

[Target period]
January 21st (Sunday) 15:48 to January 22nd (Monday) 9:25am

【How to respond】
We will change your order to [3 types of bulk purchase] "GOAT" purchase bonus with original sticker included, and the sticker will also be delivered to you.

If you do not need to make any changes or wish to cancel the pre-ordered product you have purchased, please contact us via the TOBE OFFICIAL STORE contact page by 23:59 on Wednesday, January 31st. *If there are other items purchased at the same time, other items will not be cancelled.

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