Notice Regarding the Start of the Unattended Delivery Service

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From June 10, 2024, we will be introducing Yamato Transport's unattended delivery service, which will allow customers to select various pick-up locations, such as at the front door, in a delivery box, or in a storage space, according to their convenience.

Designation of drop-off and pick-up method
To use the unattended delivery service, you must first register with Kuroneko Members.
*For more information about Kuroneko Members, click here .

Please note that you cannot select the delivery service on the TOBE OFFICIAL STORE.
For details on where you can specify delivery and how to collect your parcel, please see the Yamato Transport official page "Delivery Service."

[Important] *Please be sure to check before using the service.
・If you select the unattended delivery service, theft, loss, damage, or soiling of your parcel after it has been left at the door will not be covered.
・No order cancellations, returns, exchanges, refunds, or reshipments due to theft, loss, damage, or defacement. Please be aware of this before using the service.
・If you change the pickup location to something other than your home, you will not be able to change it back to pickup at your home.
・The delivery company may decide that they are unable to use the unattended delivery.
・Depending on the order and delivery status, delivery may be made by a delivery company other than Yamato Transport. In that case, Yamato Transport's unattended delivery service cannot be used.

For further details, please check Yamato Transport's official "Delivery Service" page.
・Available pick-up times and cut-off times
・How to use the unattended delivery
・About setting the pick-up method
・How to check your parcel
・Requesting redelivery
・Important notes
・Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

If you have any questions about this matter, please contact Yamato Transport .

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