Changes to the purchase screen

From around 10:00 on Tuesday, July 9, 2024,
the screen transition between the cart screen and the payment completion screen will change.

【change point】
(1) The number of screens will change for all payment methods

・Before the change: Cart > Information (※1) > Shipping (※2) >Payment (※3)
 ※1: Enter shipping address
 ※2: Confirm shipping address and shipping fee
 ※3: Select payment method

・After change: Cart > Order confirmation (※4)
 *4: Enter and confirm all *1, *2, and *3.
 *If any changes are required, they can be made on the same screen.

(2) If you are paying by credit card, the input screen will change.

・Before change: Cart > Information > Shipping > Payment (※3) > Enter card information > Confirm > Purchase complete
 ※3: Select payment method

・After change: Cart > Order confirmation (※4) > Purchase complete
 *4: You can also enter your credit card information on the same screen without switching screens.


 If you have any questions or concerns regarding this matter, please contact us via the TOBE OFFICIAL STORE inquiry page .
We hope you will continue to support TOBE OFFICIAL STORE.