CRUISIN'/IMP. Regular edition

CRUISIN'/IMP. Regular edition

CRUISIN'/IMP. Regular edition

Includes the globally distributed songs "CRUISIN'" and "IMP.",
The long-awaited 1st Single of IMP. will be released! !

Joined TOBE in July 2023,
IMP. just made its debut in August.
We have decided to release their long-awaited 1st Single on Wednesday, November 8, 2023!

The 1st single "CRUISIN'/IMP."
Released in 3 forms, [First Press Limited Edition A], [First Press Limited Edition B], [Regular Edition]!

IMP.'s memorable 1st Single
Please check it out!

Product information
Normal Edition
CD ¥1,320 (tax included) / TBCT0714003
2023.11.8 release

Benefit information
*12P lyrics booklet
*Other jacket

Contents [CD]
02. IMP.
03. Backbeat
04. Into The Wild

*Benefits will not be granted even if you purchase all three forms from the individual product cart. If you would like to receive this benefit, please be sure to purchase the product from the "3 types of bulk purchase bonus included" page.
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Regular price ¥1,320

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